Adjust a Color PDF

Color is optimized for scales of 1”=8’ or greater. If the scale you would like to use is less than this, it is recommended to use a scale of 1”=8” or greater then re-scale your drawing because any ‘smaller’ will cause the “blurriness” or pixelation to occur, much like enlarging a photograph.

To re-scale a drawing with a scale less than 1”=8’, you can save the Design drawing file as a separate file specifically for Color by adding “–for Color” at the end of the file name to differentiate it from the original, then re-scale the drawing and create a new presentation in Color.  Here are some instructions to help you through this:

  1. Open the original drawing in Design.

  2. Click File > Save As Drawing – add -For Color to the filename.

  3. Change the Copy Toggle, Inference and Constraints to OFF.

  4. Go to the ‘pull-down’ menus, Environment > Drawing Page…, click on the Scale tab, change the Scale to 1”=8’ [1”=10’] and click on OK.

  5. Go to Modes and turn All Layers On.

  6. Open the Edit toolbox and use the “Resizing Objects by Scale Ratio”, setting the Scale value to 4 [5]. For detailed instructions please see the Online-help Design Manual.

  7. Position the drawing into the drawing limits.

  8. Click Color_Ready_Mode and then Save the drawing file.

If you have already started the drawing then you can select Update Presentation in Color.