Hatch Patterns

The hatch pattern will always print out in maroon color if you choose to “Print using the entity output colors” but you change the color of the output for the hatch; we have outlined the steps to do this:

  1. Open the file that contains hatches.

    • Go to File>Save As – save a copy of this file prefixed with –explodedhatch.

  2. Select then Hatch.

    • Select Explode Objects into Individual Lines and Arcs located in the Edit Toolbox.

  3. Select the Revise Entity Attributes tool in the Adv Toolbox.

    • Click on Output – will show inactive

    • Choose a color from the list

    • Click OK when you have a Color Choice.

  4. Select the Geometry of the Exploded Hatch (If there is a lot of geometry then follow the instructions below to isolate the layer).

  5. Right Click to apply the Output Color Change.

  6. Close the Modifier.