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How to check for updates?
How to insert a PDF or JPG into Design?
How to copy and paste my drawing into a new drawing?
How to resize a Raster in Design?
How to install Design on a new computer?
How to change the scale of my drawing?
How to change the Layer properties for every drawing?
How to outline a figure for hatching?
How to change my text size on my drawing?
How to add the Techo-Bloc Hatch patterns to Design?
How to draw a smooth polyline?
How to create hatch patterns?
How to place the dimensions inside the arrows?
How to change my hatch pattern to another color?
How to create a custom library figure – simplified?
How to build an irrigation plan?
How to make a JPEG or PDF to send to a print shop?
How to fix “PDF printer not found” error when trying to Save As Adobe PDF?
How to create stairs with angles?
How to track my drawing time?
How to change the drawing output colors?
How to run Design and Color on my Mac?
How to deactivate my DynaScape Design license?
How to connect my labeling panels to my Manage360?
How to add additional fonts in Design?
How to use .pat files in design?
How to uninstall and reinstall DynaScape Design?
How to fix the Save As Adobe PDF in Design after updating to Windows 10?
How to create a new Plant List?
How to transfer my drawings and customizations to my new computer?
How to create a PDF from a DynaScape drawing?
How to resize a PDF?
How to restore customizations from DynaSCAPEDS folder?
How to setup a backup folder to OneDrive
How to save a drawing as an Adobe PDF
How to move a Raster Image or PDF
How to change output colors for figures?
How to import NuPoints® Site Capture Pro data

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