Changing Layer Properties

Changing layers on a DynaScape drawing is easy to do but, before making any significant changes to layers, it is best that you fully understand the implications. One of the main benefits of using Design is that it uses a standard set of layers for an important reason. Each layer has been assigned a line width and a line style that gives printed drawings a professional appearance. In addition, DynaScape library figures are created using these layers and changing them could change their appearance. DynaScape also uses modes which turn specific layers on and off based on this standard set. ‘Clusterable’ and ‘colorable’ figures have specific layers built into them that are essential for both functions.

It is not recommended to change the existing layers unless you simply wish to adjust the line weight or color of the layer while maintaining its intended purpose.  If you need to add layers, add them to the empty layer fields as opposed to overwriting existing. You can add new layers by opening the Layer Table Editor and typing in new layer names.

There are two ways to use your new layers in future drawings: