Change the Scale of the Drawing

If you would like to change scale of your drawing, open your drawing, then go to Environment > Drawing Page, choose the Scale tab and type in the Scale, eg. 1″=8’.  After you have to change the scale, you will need to modify the text, leadered text and the arrow heads of the leader so that they are legible.

  • For text settings go to Entity > Text and change the height and width

  • For text with a leader go Entity > Dimension > Text and change the height and width

  • For dimension/labeling arrows go to Entity > Dimension > Arrows and change the Length, Ratio and Diameter

The settings are dependent on the scale, to verify what the default settings for the scale is, open a blank drawing of the scale you are changing to and write down the default settings then input those into the above.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste into a new drawing of the scale you would like to use, that way all the settings for the text and text with a leader will be the size set for that scale.  Here are some instructions to assist with copying and pasting to a new drawing: Copy and Paste to a New Drawing