Labeling Panels

If you are using Manage360 then you can connect the labeling panels in Design to Manage360, but first you will need to ensure Design is up to date by checking for updates using the below Checking for Updates instructions, if there are no updates for Design, please follow the Steps to Connect Design’s Softscape & Design Labeling Panel to Manage360.

  • Checking for Updates:

    • In Windows 10

      • Click Windows Logo in bottom left corner

      • All Apps

      • Scroll down and click on DynaScape

      • Click on Check for DynaScape Design Updates and follow the prompts.

  • After your updates are complete, check for updates again to ensure it states “There are no updates available for DynaScape Design at this time”

  • Once the software is up to date, continue with the below steps to connect the labeling panels to Manage360.