Copy and Paste my Drawing

To copy a drawing to a new drawing prototype, i.e. the blank drawing ‘sheets’ you use to start new drawings, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the drawing in Design, go to Modes and turn All Layers On.

  2. Select all geometry by either method: [Ctrl + A] or [Edit > Select All].

  3. Copy it to the DynaScape clipboard by either method: [Ctrl C] or [Edit > Copy].

  4. Open a new drawing prototype by either method: File New > Drawing or click on the new drawing icon on the top toolbar.
    Select the sheet size and scale your drawing will fit into.

  5. Place your cursor (crosshairs) into the middle of the drawing limits.

  6. Paste the geometry into the new drawing prototype by following these steps:

    • Press [Ctrl + ShiftV]

    • Left-click to place the contents

    • Right-click to lock it into position

    • Press the [Esc] key to exit the paste command.

  7. Save the new drawing prototype as a new drawing file by doing the following: File > Save As > Drawing…, enter in a filename and location to save the file under and click on Save.

  8. Close the original drawing file you have open in Design and exclusively use only the ‘new’ drawing from this point onwards.