Smooth Polyline

We have detailed instructions in our Online-help Design Manual or by opening Design, going to the ‘pull-down’ menus Help > Online User Manual, entitled “Drawing a Smooth (curved) Polyline” that will assist you with drawing a Smooth Polyline.

Alternatively, you can view the Tutorial Video in Part2A – Drawing tools and Part 6 Smooth (curved) Polyline.  To view the Training Video PDF with the links to YouTube, log into the My Account page then go to Downloads>Design Training Videos or use this link.

Here are some other tips for using the Smooth Polyline Tool:

  • Ensure that your Constraints are turned off

  • If you are having problems getting the polyline to ‘curve’ in the direction you want then try changing the Start Angle either by entering in a new angle in the modifier text box or using the tangent tool adjacent to the Start Angle text box

  • Create a straight polyline then use the middle grip to create the curve ensuring constraints is turned off.