Restore Customizations from DynaSCAPEDS folder

To restore your Design customizations follow these instructions: 

  1. Close Design. 

  2. Open (My)Documents then open the DYNASCAPEDS-old folder. 

  3. Open the appropriate folder containing the customizations you are trying to restore:  

    • Dgarden - Contains custom Modes 

    • Hatches - Contains custom Hatch Patterns 

    • Panels - Contains custom Tool Panels 

    • Prefs - Contains Online Plant Database Images and Rasters in the Rasters folder 

    • Seeds - Contains custom Prototypes 

    • Styles - Contains custom Line Styles 

    • Symbols - Contains custom Figures and Titleblocks.

  4. Select the files you wish to restore, then Copy (Ctrl+C) them. 

  5. Open (My)Documents then open the new DYNASCAPEDS folder. 

  6. Open the appropriate folder for the customizations you have copied. 

  7. Paste (Ctrl+V) the previously copied files.

  8. Repeat the steps above for any further customizations.